Narrow-window spectra of 7 water maser sources in EGaPS.
The upper plot shows fringe phase in radians. The low plot shows uncalibrated fringe amplitude corrected for sampler digitization distortion. The frequency is counted with respect to the beginning IF8, 22.21199 GHz. The fringes were detected in a narrow window within the main maser peak.

Source 0221+618, aka W3(2) 02219+6152, J0225+6205

Source 2107+521, aka WB43, X2107+521, J2109+5222

Source 1923+151, aka 19230+1506, J1925+1512

Source 1920+143, aka W51(W), 19209+1421, J1923+1426

Source 1907+082, aka 19074+0814, J1909+0819

Source 2011+360, aka 20116+3605, J2013+3614

2254+617, aka Cep A, 22543+6145, J2256+6201

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