VERA Kcal Surevey at 22 GHz

In 2007—2009 a 22GHz VLBI survey with VERA of a sample of 1536 sources with correlated flux densities brighter than 200 mJy at 8 GHz was made. One half of target sources has been detected. The detection limit was around 200 mJy. We derived the correlated flux densities of 877 detected sources in three ranges of projected baseline lengths. The objective of these observations was to determine the suitability of given sources as phase calibrators for dual-beam and phase-referencing observations at high frequencies. Preliminary results indicate that the number of compact extragalactic sources at 22 GHz brighter than a given correlated flux density level is twice less than at 8 GHz.

Results of this work were publused in paper Petrov, L.; Honma, M.; Shibata, S. M., "The KCAL VERA 22 GHz Calibrator Survey", Astronomical Journal, vol. 143, 35, 2012.

The catalogue of 877 detected sources is available.

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