K-band correlated flux densities from v230a VLBI experiment

The table below presents estimates of the correlated flux densities at K-band (22 GHZ) for 68 sources observed on 2007.06.24 in the 12 hour K-band VLBI experiment v230a at the LBA network. Results of this experiment have been published at L. Petrov, C. Phillips, A. Bertarini, A. Deller, S. Pogrebenko, A. Mujunen, "The use of the Long Baseline Array in Australia for precise geodesy and absolute astrometry",> Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia, 26(1), 75-84, 2009. DOI: 10.1071/AS08030, Full text   (PDF, 308Kb).


Source   Right ascension Declination #Obs Correlated flux density (Jy)
B1950 name J2000 name       [0, 50] Mλ [50, 150] Mλ [400, 800] Mλ