Experiment v271g (LCS)



Correlator output in FITS-IDI format: 2010_10_29_v271g_01.fits


Station Log Weather Cable Tsys
ATCA-104 n/a v271gat.weather n/a n/a
CEDUNA v271gcd.log v271g_cd.ant n/a v271g_cd.ant
DSS45 v271gti.log n/a n/a v271gti.tsys
MOPRA n/a v271gmp.weather n/a v271g_mp.ant
PARKES n/a v271gpa.weather n/a v271gpa.tsys


Unfortunately, this experiment failed. Station HOBART26 did not produce fringes because, apparently, the receiver was not setup correctly. CEDUNA did not observed only for 10 hours and then stopped because of strong wind. Loss of HOBART26 and 1/2 observing time CEDUNA resulted in position errors 10 mas and higher. The experiment has to be re-observed.


75 out of 117 target sources had 3 or more used points.