The LBA Calibrator Survey LCS-1


Here the Long Baseline Array (LBA) Calibrator Survey, containing 410 new sources not previously observed with very long baseline interferometry (VLBI) is presented. The survey, based on four 24 hour LBA observing sessions, fills the areas on the sky declination > -40° The positions were derived from astrometric analysis of the group delays at 8.4 GHz frequency bands using VTD and Solve software packages. The LCS1 catalogue of source positions, tables of correlated flux density at three ranges of the lengths of projected baseline and plots of correlated flux density versus the length of the projected baseline are are available at this page.

Astrometric global solution LCS1 used 4 observing sessions from the LBA Calibrator Survey, as well as all all available VLBI observations at 8.6GHz and 2.2 GHz and at 22GHz from 1980.04.11 through 2010.10.23, 4947 twenty four hour sessions, including 27 observing sessions of the VLBA Calibrator Survey, in total 7.8 million measurements of group delays.

Petrov, L., Phillips, C., Bertarini, A., Murphy T., Sadler, E.M. "The LBA Calibrator Survey of southern compact extragalactic radio sources — LCS1", Mon. Not. of Roy. Astron. Soc., submitted, 2010.    Preprint: astro-ph/1012.2607    PDF-file.

Positions of over 5000 sources were adjusted in a single least square solution. Technical description of the solution is under preparation. The catalogue contains 410 objects that were targets in LCS experiments v254b, v271a, v271b, and v271c.

Astrometric Results

  1. LCS1 catalogue in HTML form (0.6 Mb). NB: loading the catalogue takes time, please be patient. The catalogue contains source positions, their uncertainties, estimates of the total LBA flux density, the LBA flux density of unresolved components, naturally weighted CLEAN images in postscript and in fits format at X band; plots of the correlated flux density as a function of the length of the baseline projection to the source plane; fits files with calibrated uv data.
  2. LCS1 catalogue in ASCII format. The catalogue contains source positions, their uncertainties, total LBA flux density, the LBA flux density of unresolved components.
  3. LCS1 catalogue in key-format format. The catalogue contains source positions. This catalogue can be used as a priori file for VLBI SCHED scheduling software package.
  4. LCS1 catalogue in blokq format. The catalogue contains source positions and their uncertainties. This catalogue can be used as a priori file for Mark5 VLBI analysis software package Calc/Solve.
  5. Table of estimates of correlated flux densities of 521 sources from v254b, v271a, v271b, and v271c experiments, from 410 target sources and 111 calibrators.

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