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PIMA release 2.28 of 2018.06.01

Dear colleagues,

  PIMA 2.28 has been released. tar-ball with source
code can be found in http://astrogeo.org/pima . The change log can 
be found at http://astrogeo.org/pima/Changelog_20180601.txt
PIMA 2.28 requires updates of ners and vtd libraries.

  Among routine bugfixes, this release fixes NERS support.

  Important: it was found that some fftw compilation flags 
can cause wrong computation of FFT. It is strongly suggested
to re-compile fftw amd run make check. If make check fails,
then compilation flags should me modified. NB: fftw should 
be built two times: for single and double precision.
Therefore, make check should run two times. fftw comes
with benchmark. It is worth time to test fftw perfomance

tests/bench -owisdom -onthreads=1 cif1024x1024
tests/bench -owisdom -onthreads=8 cif1024x1024

  and tune comilation flags, of course, provided make check
passes all the tests in both single and double precision.

  PIMA was tested under gfortran 8.1. NB: since gfortran 8.1
has different application binary interface, library compiled
and linked with old version of gfortran are incompatible.
Upgrade to gfortasn 8.1 results in necessity to recompiled
*all* fortran code. Mixture of old fortan and new fortran
object files or libraries often results in segmentation faults.

Happy fringing!

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