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New version of the Radio Fundamental Catalogue has been released

Dear colleagues, 

  rfc_2012a astrometric catalogue has been released.
It is accessible via http://astrogeo.org/rfc

Changes with respect to the previous release rfc_2011d:

  -- 11 V2M experiments have been added;

  -- 3 EVN absolute astrometry experiments EC013, EC017A, EC017C have been 
     taken from the archive processed;

  -- Re-analysis of all VLBA geodetic experiments in 1994-1997 has been completed;
  -- Two experiments bb041 have been re-analyzed;

  -- Three experiments bb119 (CJ snapshot survey; 6cm, 16 MHz bandwidth) 
     have been re-analyzed;

  In total, 61 sources added. Positions of many others were significantly
improved. Several duplication records in the catalogue have been removed.

05-FEB-2012 20:48:54

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