SOuthern Astrometry Project Expolartory phase 1 (SOAP-E1)

Goals of the SOAP-E1 project

Target list includes sources brighter 250 mJy at declinations <-45° except 36 objects observed in LBA v561a experiment. The number of target sources: 221. Each source is observed in two scans of 2–4 minutes long. Two twenty-four hour experiments are required. The objectives of this campaign are The outcome of this phase will be the source list for SOAP-A1 phase.

Prelinary results of the SOAP-E1 project

By 2017.12.17 two experiments were corerlated, soap-e1-01 (aua025, 20170822_p) and soap-e1-02 (aua026, 20170913_p). Voltage data from station WARK12M were not yet transferred to Vienna and correlated. Thus, the report belowe is preliminary.

Preliminary results of v561a experiment are available here.

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