Erratum to VCS catalogues

Group delays used for deribin sources positions is determined witht an uknown number of ambiguities. Errors in resolving grou pdelay amobugiuities may shift an estimate of position of the source from 1 mas to 1 deg. If 8 or more observations were used in analysis, the probability of missing an error in group delay ambiguity is negligible. However, if a source had less than 8 used observations, the probability of this error may be significant. Therefore, positions detrimed using less than 8 observations are considered unrelaible.

Re-analysis of all observations, including observations used in the original catalgoues, revealed a number of sources with erroneous coordinates. The latest reanalyses is the 2007b_astro solution. Errors with respect to this solution, and update positions are listed below:

Sources with errors exceeding 100 mas:

Format of update files.

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