Radio Fundamental Catalog

The Radio Fundamental Catalog (RFC) provides for thousands of compact radio sources produced by analysis of all available very long baseline interferometry (VLBI) observations under absolute astrometry and geodesy programs. This catalogue forms the backbone of astrometry with the highest accuracies for various applications, such as differential astrometry, a pool of phase calibrators, a pool of sources for geodetic VLBI, association with active galaxy nuclea (AGN) objects observed in other wavelengths, ties with optical and infrared astrometric catalogues, morphology study of AGNs, statistical analysis of radio-loud AGN population, and many others.

The Radio Fundamental Catalog is currently under active development. The current version of the catalogue rfc_2024b is available. The contents of this web page and following links contain unpublished material. The material is provided as a courtesy for the preview. Using this material in publications, copying, and posting on Internet is is allowed only a written prior permission.

rfc_2024b catalogue of compact radio sources. This catalogue is currently the most complete. It has 21,907 objects. The catalogue includes all sources observed with VLBI under absolute astrometry and geodesy programs from 1980.04.11 through 2024.06.03. Also 122,967 images in FITS format of 20273 radio sources are available from the database of brightness distributions and images of compact radio sources.

Change log

The catalogue is updated on a quarterly basis because 1) new data are available; 2) old data are reprocessed with advanced software; 3) errors are found and corrected.

Log of changes of the Radio Fundamental Catalogue.


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