Library GVH for database handler of geodetic VLBI observations

Library GVH implements the database handler for VLBI observations under geodesy and absolute astrometry programs. The database contains group and phase delays, fringe amplitudes, phases and phase delay rates derived during post-processing of the VLBI correlator output data, as well as plethora of other information about VLBI observations that is present in the correlator output. This information is carried over to VLBI analysis software that uses group and phase delays for parameter estimation, such as source coordinates, station positions, Earth orientation parameter. The GVH library has an interface to PIMA and VTD/Post-Solve software.

License: GNU Public License.


The latest version gvh-20231222.tar.bz2

Installation instruction



Description of the GVF format   (html)     (pdf)

Example of geodetic experiment r1823 in VDA format.

Discussion anbout the gvf description.

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