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PIMA 2.11 fixes a recent regression bug

Dear colleagues,

  I found PIMA 2.10 had a serious regression bug. It turned out split
not always sorted station list. When difmap gets an unsorted station
list, it incorrectly determines a sign of a baseline. As a result, it
incorrectly computes misclosures.

  Output fits file generated by PIMA 2.10 are affected. To learn the
PIMA version used for creation of a FITS file, you can using this command:

fitsh {uva_file} | grep ORIGIN | awk '{print "%s %s %s %s\n", $7, $8, $9, $10}' | sed  "s@'@@g"

  Version 2.11 of 2014.06.19 fixes this bug. If you have FITS file
generated by PIMA v 2.10, I strongly recommend re-run PIMA splt.


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