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PIMA 2.12 release

Dear colleagues,

  New PIMA version was released. Here is the changelog:

2014.08.24  PIMA 2.12
            a) Added support of kludge environment variables
               PIMAVAR_MIN_FRG and PIMAVAR_MAX_FRG that set
               the minimum and maximum frequency group in
               input FITS-IDI file(s). Other frequency 
               groups are ignored.

            b) Fixed bpas DEBUG_LEVEL: 21 -- the previous version
               plotted autocorrelation amplitude (red) for the 1st
               station of a baseline (which may happen a reference
               or a remote station). The current version plots 
               autocorrelation amplitude for the remote station.

            c) Fixed a big in bandpass computation statistics:
               the phase rms for baselines without the reference 
               station was incorrect.

            d) requires update of petools and vtd libraries.

            e) Linked against new version of VTD library. That
               version supports modeling a priori path delay through
               the neutral atmosphere using numerical weather
               models. Requires update of VTD configuration files.

Have good fringes,

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