Petools is a toolkit for development of scientific applications related to processing observational data.

It includes

  1. Fast linear algebra routines, including one of the fastest subroutine for inversion of a square symmetric positively determined matrix in the upper triangular representation.
  2. Graphic library DiaGI (Dialog Graphic Interface) which makes a plot of one-dimensional function(s) from one call and allows a user to adjust parameters of the plot interactively.
  3. Routine MatView which displays a portion of a big matrix on the screen and allows a user to change the boundaries of the displayed area interactively.
  4. A set of routines for manipulation with splines; various routines for multi-dimensional B-spline transform, etc.
  5. Various routines for least squares, regression computation, error handler, interface to a low level I/O, interface to network routines at the socket level, lists processing, date transformation, etc.

License: GNU Public License.

Download the last version petools-20240515.tar.bz2.

To install, follow Installation instructions.

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