Slant path delay of radio wave propagation through the neutral atmosphere

Software SPD for computing computing slanted path delay through the neutral atmosphere using the output of numerical weather models

License: GNU Public License.

Download the last version spd-20240111.tar.bz2.

A lite version that for the end-user who needs only interpolation of slant path delay for data reduction: spd_client. Download: spd_client-20240111.tar.bz2 and spd_client_example-20240111.tar.bz2. Documentation:

  1. README — a short overview.
  2. INSTALL — installation instruction
  3. spd_client_altimetry.txt — User manual for computation of slant path delay for altimery.
  4. spd_client_stations.txt — User manual for computation of slant path delay for GPS, SLR, VLBI, or DORIS space geodesy stations.

Here are some preliminary results.

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