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PIMA release 2.25 of 2017.03.16

Dear colleagues,

  New PIMA version 2.25 was released. The tar-ball with source
code can be found in http://astrogeo.org . The change log can be 
found at http://astrogeo.org/pima/Changelog_20170316.txt

   Important changes:

a) massive changes in handling bandpass computation, bandpass 
   normalization and re-normalization. Detailed documentation
   of the algorithm, used for fringe amplitude calibration 
   and re-calibration can be found in 

b) Added support of a new value of keyword SPLT.STA_BASED: ALL
   that allows to use more observations useful for imaging

c) Added support of a changing source names without changing a priori
   for a case when a source name.

d) Added support of the Network Earth Rotation Service in VTD.

e) Added 4 new keywords for support of phase transfer of 
   simultaneous multi-band observations.

f) Fixed an important bug in automap.py script: the previous version
   may skip important steps in image processing and under-CLEAN 
   an image.


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